ein bisschen Unberechenbarkeit

Life's a game.

And playing is thirsty work.

 But you don't run well on empty.

So top up and get goingt!

What are you waiting for?

Make some noise, have some fun, work hard, and play even harder.

Laugh till your sides hurt, dance out of time, sing out of key, be creative.

Don't just play life - play with life.

Mix it up a little, throw it around a bit.

Don't stand still. Not even for a moment.

Take a swig of oure spring water.

And play the best damn game of your life.

Because you only go round once.

Life's a game. Go.

(Ich habe am ersten Tag einen 750 ml Flasche Wasser gekauft, mit dem Text hinten drauf...wenn das kein Zeichen ist )